Microsoft Fitness Band Announced

In an odd series of events, Microsoft has actually surprised me. I was used to a Microsoft that followed others to market with their own variation of a known product. Well, for once they beat Apple's watch to market with their own fitness watch and made a product that I am interested in.

Samsung has technically beaten Microsoft to market with it's Samsung Gear watch, but it is a nice change to see Microsoft not being last in a growing product category. 

Even though I don't expect this to gain much popularity in the market, the feature set of the watch is on par and in some ways even better than the Apple Watch in terms of its fitness features. I like to think of myself as a fitness oriented person and the thing that is most useful on all of the new watches and fitness bands is the battery. 

Microsoft's Fitness Band is coming with 48 hours of battery life, compared to Apple's "we think people are going to use it so much you will wind up charging it daily" watch. It also includes a heart rate monitor that can track your heart for up to 48 hours, something that the Apple Watch would not be able to achieve. 

The other thing that sets it apart from the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear is the ability to work on the top three mobile OS's. 

On top of the basic features of all fitness trackers it also includes some other interesting features:

  • UV sensor to measure sun exposure
  • Galvanic skin response, which can identify stress.

Check out the Microsoft Fitness Band here.

Windows Phone 8.1 detailed, shows off Cortana

Finally we get to see Cortana, Microsoft's answer to Siri. From what I've seen in the video, it does look very interesting. We will just have to see it in the real world before we get too excited about it.

Although it does make me want a Windows Phone again...

The Outcast's Guide... To Next-Gen Consoles (3-31-14)


Here is episode four. We have a new host this week: Ryan Daemon.


  • Our impressions of the next-fen consoles.
  • Gaming PCs
  • Our most anticipated games.
  • The future of gaming