GTA V (Xbox One, PS4, PC) to have first person mode

GTA V was one of the great games of last gen consoles. It took up hours and hours of my time, to the detriment of some of my classes in school., but that is what good video games do. They addict you until you complete them. 

GTA V was one of those games. I spent hours driving around and exploring the countryside and even more hours playing the story. The game is vast and was beautiful for the consoles it was on. 

Now they have updated the graphics for next gen and they said that since the detail was finally rich enough, they could implement first person mode into their game. This changes everything about the way the game plays.

Many early previews are explained to feel more chaotic and tense than the old 3rd person mode. 3rd person will still be in there of course, but for those first person shooter lovers, they can know mow down pedestrians and beat up random homeless people in first person. 

I cannot wait for the game to be released, but am sadly going to be waiting for the PC release which is not until early 2015. The Xbox One and PS4 versions will drop on 11/18.