iPhone 5S and 5C Rumor Roundup


iPhone 5S

New Features

One of the new features that the iPhone 5S is rumored to have is a fingerprint scanner built into the home button. One of the reasons this looks to be the case is because Apple bought the company Authentec last year. This company worked on biometric sensors that could be built into a smartphone. Also there was code found within an iOS 7 beta which points to the fingerprint scanner being present. The fingerprint scanner would likely be able to be turned off, but it would be extra security for those who want it.

Next, the camera will obviously get an upgrade. The current rumor is that the new camera will have either a 12 or 13 megapixel sensor with a wider aperture up to f2.0. Also in leaked photographs we can see a dual-LED flash next to the lens. This dual-LED flash is rumored to have two separate colored flashes to white balance a scene depending on the lighting conditions.

Storage is rumored to start at 32GB this time around. Which is something that should happen, it is becoming the case more and more that 16GB in a phone just isn't really enough. This is a rumor I am looking forward to. 

The processor will be upgraded, with some saying that it will upgrade from the 32bit processors of the past and move on to a 64bit processor. It will likely be called the A7. When it comes to the battery, there are rumors that it will just have slight improvements. 

The price will probably follow the same conventions as the previous iPhone's with the lowest set storage starting at $199 whether that will be 16GB or 32GB is still up in the air. 

New Look

The next big rumor is that there will be a new color option with the iPhone 5S, a gold color. This, in addition to the silver/white and black colored 5S devices will bring just a little more selection to the iPhone market. The iPhone 5C is what really will create variety:

iPhone 5C


There have been countless leaked photographs of the lower end iPhone 5C. It should come in many varieties of colors, ranging from: yellow, green, white, blue, and pink.  The iPhone 5C might stand for the iPhone 5 "color", which seems quite logical. The pricing of the 5C is rumored to come in at $99 on-contract.

iOS 7


The biggest change with the new generation of the iPhone is the software. Many people have gotten upset over the change up in iOS 7, but I feel it is a good and refreshing change. Looking back at an article I posted earlier this summer, I said: "For once, I can say Apple actually made the iPhone look appealing again, at least to me. I know some hate the colorful icons, but I find the entire aesthetic very nice. I am a fan of modernism and minimalism. iOS 7 is both." 

I am excited to see how the iPhone 5S turns out and I am likely going to get one for review. Then I will truly be able to give my verdict as to whether Apple finally has truly interested me in the iPhone again.