Get the new Nexus 7 today at Best Buy!


Is the anticipation for the new Nexus 7 driving you nuts? Can't wait until the July 30th? Well check your local Best Buy, mine had plenty ready to buy today, the 26th.

I am using it right now, the review will come in the next few days, but it is safe to say that Google did it again. This tablet is the new king of 7 inch tablets.  

So go out, get your new Nexus 7 early and enjoy! 

Below are links to the Best Buy pages, just check the stores near you, order it for store pickup, and swing by at your leisure. 

Best Buy: Nexus 7 16GB

Best Buy: Nexus 7 32GB


It seems as though the floodgates have opened early. The new Nexus 7 has also become available at Amazon, GameStop, and Walmart as well.