Turn Android into iOS 7 (Tutorial)


There are some who hate the new iOS 7 design and others who love it. Many Android faithfuls would scold you for using an iOS 7-like interface on your beloved Android phone, but I like the design. I’ve spent some time exploring all the applications in the Play Store to find the best way to build up an iOS 7 type interface. 

This tutorial will show you how to transform your Android phone into that. There are a few paid apps involved, but there is not much money to be spent.

Apps Needed:

Once you have these apps installed, you need to set iLauncher as your default launcher.  Do this simply by pressing the home button. A prompt will appear asking you to set a default launcher. Select iLauncher and "always". iLauncher is a very nice launcher because it has various animations that are lifted straight from iOS 7. Animations like icons flying into view as you unlock the lockscreen, or smooth zooms into folders. It is a very good app and I would recommend it highly.

From here, go to your phone settings and set the iOS 7 Live Wallpaper 3D as your wallpaper. Here are my settings: Turn off the Glitter Effect, Turn the background color to blue, check both boxes in "Tilt Parallax Settings", and I enabled Dynamic Color. 

Now to set up the Lockscreen. First things first turn off your current lockscreen (this differs from phone to phone). Now open the iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD app and be sure not to accept any terms, unless you want to support the developer. These are ads. Here are my settings:

Now set up Control Center. Open the app and click "Start Service". There are other features, like setting how sensitive the area where you pull up the menu. That is all based on your personal preference. Now you should be able to pull up from the bottom of the screen and reveal the Control Center. 

GO SMS Pro iOS7 Blue Theme

GO SMS Pro iOS7 Blue Theme

Now settings up Go SMS Pro just takes you to go into the settings, set the theme to the iOS 7 Theme of your choosing. Then making sure you turn off the phone's stock SMS app notifications. Again, the process to turn off the notifications varies from phone to phone.

The last step of setting up the various apps you use to the iOS 7 icons. You can do this by holding down on an app. It will begin to wiggle. Press the app icon and select "Set This App As..." . A list of different icons should pop up. For the case of GO SMS Pro just select Messages. Now GO SMS Pro has the Messages icon. You can also change the name of the icon. You can also set the iOS 7 Calculator to the Calculator icon this way.

So finally, you have an iOS 7-like experience on Android. It works well for the most part. You will probably find other apps to add to the overall experience. So there you have it, iOS 7 design comes to Android. Now to show it off to your iPhone wielding friends.