HALO, a reason you need to root your phone today!


For the tinkerers out in the world, Android devices are like a drug. There are always new roms and new features to flash and it is addicting. For those of you who can't help but resist flashing new things, here is something I think you'd enjoy. This new feature, HALO, has become my new favorite.

At this time, the feature is in an alpha build of Paranoid Android (other roms are implementing this as well), which can be found here: GOO.IM. You need to find your device and get the rom from there. I am using the Nexus 4 (or Mako as it is called on the rom list). The rom I used was pa_mako-3.60-02JUN2013 with the pa_gapps. 

Now, here is why I love this feature. If you read a previous article I wrote (Faceboook Home...Is It Any Good?) then you will see how I thought the concept of chat heads was a novel and interesting way to notify a user. 

HALO takes the concept of a chat head and allows any app to notify you in this way. This video should describe it quite well.

I find that the elegance of having this bubble pop up to notify you of messages, updates, etc. is one of the best ways for notifications to appear. I have been using this feature for a few days and it reminds me why I love to mess with my Android phone.