After 6 years of the same, the iPhone UI is overhauled.


The design of iOS has been stagnant for years now. When I owned the iPhone 4s, I quickly became tired of such a dated interface. I decided that I wouldn't even consider an iPhone again until they redesigned the interface.

Well, yesterday at WWDC Apple announced that overhaul. iOS 7 is a fresh, clean, and colorful interface. For once, I was excited about Apple's mobile OS.

I've been running with Android and Windows Phone devices since selling my iPhone 4s. I found Windows Phone to have a very nice modern interface. I loved the minimalist feel to it, though sometimes I thought it was too minimalistic. So I went to Android.

Android allowed me to have incredible amounts of control over my device. Having dozens of alternative launchers made the device very appealing. I am someone who likes fast-paced change. Being able to switch launchers and completely refresh my phone was my favorite part about Android.

Also, I found that the new version of Android, Jelly Bean, was just as fluid and fast as iOS in terms of animation and performance. 

This led me to the conclusion that iOS and Apple had been left behind, while the true innovation with mobile interfaces was with Android and perhaps a little with Microsoft. 

You can see this in the way Apple took bits and pieces from competing, and even dead, mobile OS's. 

LEFT: Android  ||  RIGHT: iOS 7

LEFT: Android  ||  RIGHT: iOS 7

For example, look at the multitask menu. The ability to flick the "card" of an app upwards is directly lifted from webOS. Or the lockscreen, which shares a striking resembalance to the Android 4.2 lockscreen. Even the parallax feature is lifted from the jailbreak community, which had that tweak for years. I could go on naming features taken from others, but I don't think it is really relevant.

Pointing out how iOS adopted other OS's design ideas is not to say their new UI isn't impressive. It is. They managed to package all these features and ideas together effectively. 

For once, I can say Apple actually made the iPhone look appealing again, at least to me. I know some hate the colorful icons, but I find the entire aesthetic very nice. I am a fan of modernism and minimalism. iOS 7 is both. 

I am curious to see how the masses react when they get this update. It is a very large shift, and one that is long overdue. We'll just have to wait until fall to see how this overhaul is accepted.