New Gmail Inbox to help reduce email overload.


We've all experienced it, the deluge of emails pouring into our inbox. Things such as social updates, promotions, updates, confirmations, and online receipts. Sometimes it just becomes a big mess to look through for what you actually want. Those emails from friends, colleagues, or just important updates just seem to get lost.

The new Gmail inbox is aimed at making it easier to sift through all of that information. It recognizes different mail items and throws them into their categories, or tabs. This allows you to easily find that email from your coworker, because it would appear in the "Primary" tab. 

If someone commented on your YouTube video, you're likely to find that in the "Social" tab. You can already see the headache of searching through that endless stream of email start to go away. 

While this similar tagging features have been a part of Gmail, and others, in the past. This is the first time that this concept will be fully integrated into the service. 

I, for one, welcome this with open arms. Email used to be a chore to look through. Now, hopefully, this will make it just a little easier. For a quick overview of the new feature, check out the video below.