Weekend Box Office Report


This weekend was quite a strong one at the box office in terms of total earnings. Fast & Furious 6 opened with a franchise record of $120 million, compared to the previous entry, Fast Five, which opened with $86 million. 

However, the disappointment of the weekend was The Hangover Part III. Opening with just $51 million, far short of the second movie's $85 million dollar opening. This may have been a result of a fairly crowded weekend, with Fast & Furious 6 taking a good portion of the attention away from The Hangover Part III.

Star Trek Into Darkness had a 33% drop from last weekends $70 million opening to pull in $47 million. I feel that this is a strong number, given the fact that two huge franchises opened this weekend.

Looking forward to Friday, After Earth and Now You See Me are opening. I don't feel that these two movies will be strong openers. After Earth, I predict, will open with less than $40 million and Now You See Me will be hovering around $20 million. Check back next Monday for the next Weekend Box Office Report.

*these weekend estimates include Memorial Day.