Nokia announces the Lumia 925 with an aluminum body


Today, Nokia announced the Lumia 925. It sports a slick aluminum body, but this is not quite what the rumors predicted. Early leaks of the design were tagged with the idea that there would be a 41 megapixel camera built in. The rumors said it would be using Nokia's Pureview technology similar to the Nokia 808 camera. However, this was not the case.

Quick Specs:

-4.5-inch PureMotion HD+ 1,280 x 768 screen

-16GB or 32GB

-8.7-megapixel OIS f/2.0 6-element lens, dual-LED flash


-2000 mAh battery

-139 grams

Some reviewers complained about the weight of the previous Lumia 920 (185 grams). The 925 is much lighter.

Nokia also announced new camera software coming to their whole line of Windows Phone 8 devices. Here is an excerpt from the press release detailing the new features:

The Nokia Lumia 925 includes the most advanced lens technology and next generation imaging software to capture clearer, sharper pictures and video, including the best low light images. The Nokia Lumia 925 also introduces the new Nokia Smart Camera mode, coming as an update to all Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Nokia Smart Camera offers an easy way to capture ten images at once and edit the pictures with options like Best Shot, Action Shot, and Motion Focus for creating the perfect high quality image.
Source: Engadget

Source: Engadget