Do You Want to Recharge Your iPhone with a Crank-Powered Case?


The iPhone has it's fair share of ridiculous cases. This one really stuck out as being sort of cool, but in the end I feel that not many people want to hand crank their iPhone back to life when it's dead.

However, the case does have an added bonus, it adds a micro USB port to the iPhone 5. Which means the device would be compatible with most cellphone chargers instead of using the proprietary Lightning adapter. The only problem is you have this bulky hand cranked battery case adding extra weight to the phone.

This case could actually be beneficial if the apocalypse occurred. You could hand crank the iPhone to charge, but it would still be unable to make a call.Overall I feel that this case falls in line with some of the other weird iPhone cases.

If you do feel like getting this, it is a Crowdsupply project, so contribute and you can play Plants vs Zombies during the actual zombie apocalypse. That would be enough of a reason to buy for some.

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