SUPCASE Hybrid Nexus 5 Case Review

I recently purchased a case for my Nexus 5. I usually go “naked” with my devices, but this is too special a device. I wouldn’t want anything unfortunate to happen to it. I had considered getting a few cases including the official Google bumper, but that one seemed too expensive. I was almost ready to make my decision when I came across the one that I purchased. It seemed like all the other cases similar to this one were gray or black or clear or white. This one was unique. So I went ahead a bought it. There were a couple of reasons I bought this particular case. The price was low and it was a “hybrid” case, which was the kind I was aiming for.

It’s a good price for any case ($10.99 not including shipping). I think this is a reasonable price for this case.

I like how the hybrid style cases look. I wanted to be able to view the back of the phone because I think it’s beautiful. I would feel like getting a case that covered the back would make getting this phone a waste (not really of course). This one was a unique hybrid, so once I saw it I immediately made up my mind.

Overall, I like the case. It seems like it’ll be good protection for it (I’ve dropped it once on carpet, so there’s no way of telling). Lying the phone flat on each side isn’t a concern anymore. I don’t get paranoid of random scratches just appearing. It’s a very snug fit. It’s slightly difficult to remove, however, which is good because one wouldn’t want the case just coming off by itself. I like the feel of the case. By itself the case is rigid. The sides of it feel rubbery, but not too rubbery. The back of it is similar to the original backing of the phone, just a little slicker.

There are cons though. The slot for the headphone jack is a little small (understandably), so if you have a cord that’s wide, you'll have to remove the case. I've tried the official Nexus 4 ear buds and my SOL Republic headphones, and both of their cords fit. Also, the buttons aren’t the easiest to press, but I am getting used to them. You don’t feel the haptic feedback of the button clicking back at you. The back will get scratched, there's no avoiding that. I'd rather that than sacrifice the beauty of my phone.

Overall, its price and design make it a good case. I like its overall feel. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a Nexus 5 case.

Link: Amazon

By: Marshall Villanueva