Ugly Xbox One? Who cares!

I have been reading reviews from various sites around the web and have some issues that I take away from most of them. Fanboys shout out in the comments below, bringing this non-issue to the fold. This is the complaint that many people believe the Xbox One is too big and not pretty enough. Also, some complain about the PS4 appearance.

Let me just go one to say that the device will be spending 100% of its time underneath your TV. It's not an iPad or phone that you show off to your friends when they come over. You don't lift the Xbox out of the stand and say, "Hold this bad boy." 

The Xbox One's and PS4's design both, in the end, don't matter much. The box will be forgotten underneath the TV as you use the interface for almost all interactions. The most you will do is set up the box and put in a disc every now and then. 

So I find it annoying that so many people, fanboys and tech bloggers knock both of these devices on a physical appearance criteria. The UI of the two devices are fair game, but the physical box doesn't really matter.

This just shows the frivolous things people find to argue about. "The Xbox One is ugly." "No the PS4 is uglier!" These sorts of comments are just ridiculous. In my opinion, it doesn't matter at all the box design, it just matters how the UI is designed. So make your fanboy fights over things that matter. 

I will have the Xbox One review up over the course of the next week.