How to repair a cracked Macbook screen for $25

When my Macbook Pro 15-inch screen cracked, I was very saddened. I lived with it for a while, fearing the repair price at the Apple Store. I was right to fear it. When they gave me a price, they said that they would have to replace the whole LCD portion of the Macbook Pro due to having a strong glue holding the glass to the screen.  They told me it could range from $700-1200.

Well, I obviously decided not to take that route. So I did a little searching and found that you can do it yourself for less than $30. I am going to go through what I did to replace it.

The tools

Disclaimer: is not responsible for you BREAKING your Mac. 

Here is what you need:

  • A $25 replacement pane of glass (Amazon)
  • A hair dryer
  • 4 credit cards
  • A paint scraper

Step One:

Turn off your Mac and begin heating the black borders of the screen on max heat. Keep the hair dryer about half an inch away from the glass. I did this for 2-4 minutes. Just go around in circular motions, warming the entire outer section.

Step Two:

Focus in on one top corner with the hair dryer, going back and forth for another minute or so. Then, you shove the paint scraper into the groove between the rubber bumper and the glass.  Slowly tilt the paint scraper up, peeling the glass slowly. You are going to have to work it down as you pull it back.

Disclaimer: Do not use a thin edge to pull back the glass, else it will crack. (This happened to me, it made it much harder to get it off) Make sure to use a flat paint scraper. 

Step Three:

Apply more heat from the hair dryer and place a credit card into the lifted section.  You can then slide the credit card along the edge of the screen, ONLY along the black border. Do not push it into the screen area or you may risk damaging the LCD.

Disclaimer: Be careful around the webcam, the wiring to the webcam and bluetooth is exposed, DON'T cut them. I accidentally cut the bluetooth wiring, but I luckily never use it. 

Step Four: 

Repeat the processes of peeling up the glass and use more credit cards to cut through the glue. Continue heating as you go. Start from the top and work your way down. Finally when you get the glue peeled back all the way, the screen should come free. 

Step Five:

Place the replacement screen onto the device. Reheat the black edges for 2-4 minutes. After heating, apply gentle pressure to the black edges with your fingers. Let the device sit for a while as the glue cools. 

It's done!

Following these steps and being very careful, you can replace your Macbook screen without the ridiculous repair costs from the Apple Store.  It only took me around 30 minutes.

Me being able to replace the screen has made me want to look into other things I can improve on my Mac. So over the next few months, more tutorials like this will probably come up. Next is upgrading RAM!