Nokia World Announcements

Buried behind the news about Apple's new releases, Nokia announced some interesting new products. The story with Nokia is quite sad, the company makes great hardware, but it was always hampered by the lack of adoption for Windows Phone. Now, with acquisition on the horizon, Nokia is actually bring out some great looking phones and a tablet.

I'm going to skip over the Asha phones as those are mainly for emerging markets. The exciting things that I saw were the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520.  They also announced a low-end 6-inch Lumia 1320, which is priced at $339. I will not detail it here. 

Lumia 1520 Specs:

  • 6'' inch screen (1920x1080) 
  • 20MP Pureview Camera
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, Quad-core 2.2ghz
  • 20 hour talk time
  • Wireless charing capabilities

The screen size is interesting to me because it allows for you to have an extra column on your home screen. Giving the device a more lively feel. The live tiles come to life as updates refresh and icons move. This was one of my favorite things about Windows Phone, seeing the information without having to go into an app. With the extra column, it enhances the live feeling. 

A lot of the photo apps they announced also intrigued me.  Nokia Camera brings functionality from the Lumia 1020's highly customizable camera app to all WP8 Lumia phones. Nokia Storybook allows for your photos to be geo-tagged to a location. This is cool because you will always have an idea of where you were and it even shows what was around you at the time. 

Overall, I'm not a fan of the 5+ inch behemoths that are usually released, like the Note 3. But there was something about this phone that inspired me to want to buy it. It's the first 6-inch phone to do that.  

One of the main reasons I could say I want the phone is that vital apps are finally coming to Windows Phone 8. I posted yesterday about the announcement that Instagram was coming to Windows Phone finally. On top of that, Vine and many others are as well. 

Now lets onto the tablet, which was the most exciting part of the announcement.  The 2520 is a very elegant looking device. The colored shell brings personality to the product. It comes in black, white, cyan, and red. 

One of the big features of the tablet that interested me was the LTE inclusion. Seeing how expensive an iPad with LTE is, usually $600+, the Lumia 2520 becomes very lucrative. It is priced at $499. Well below the iPad's cellular options. 

The tablet runs Windows RT, which is not the full version of Windows, but it includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Onenote, and finally Outlook. This tablet will be popular within business I believe. Or just with people who like to get things done. 

There is a power keyboard cover, which adds five hours to the battery life, making the total time around 15-16 hours (the power keyboard is not included in the price). Which is outstanding for any tablet. Also the battery is able to charge to 50% in only 40 minutes.  

With all of these features in a package that only costs $499, I think Nokia has a possibility to win a lot of consumers over to their new tablet. That's not to say Nokia will turn the tide on the iPad. Millions will still flock to Apple, but for the few outliers, Nokia makes a compelling product.

As more information comes out, I will be posting them here. So check back.