Instagram on Windows Phone?!!!!

When I got my Lumia 920 back in November of last year, I was very happy. It was a great phone with a unique look and it worked very well. The first few weeks I really enjoyed the phone, but as time went on and the lack of apps ate away at me. I began to like it less and less.

During my initial excitement I began to tell others to look to Windows Phone, but I had to warn them. There was no Instagram. When those words left my mouth, the look on their face was that of dismissal. At least in the US, Instagram was a big deal.

Don't get me wrong, Windows Phone is missing a lot of other apps, but the lack of Instagram was the elephant in the room. Everyone wanted to be on Instagram and the dozens of people I told about Windows Phone, all voted no after I said, "It's great, but it doesn't have Instagram."

Today, Nokia announced that Instagram will be finally coming to Windows Phone in the coming weeks. Steven Elop brushed off this announcement as a small thing, saying, "there’s more to the ecosystem than one app." Well, he's right, but this IS a big deal. 

I long thought that the lack of Instagram was one of the last reasons to say no to Windows Phone. There are alternative apps in the Windows Store for almost every other app you want. There were even third party Instagram apps, but they lacked full functionality.  

It took them a year to throw enough money at Instagram for them to make an app, which I believe was a bad move. If they would've gotten Instagram out before Windows Phone 8 got a bad rep for being light on apps, then we may actually be seeing people with a Windows Phone in the wild. 

I'm interested to see if this makes a difference this late in the game. Will Windows Phone pick up market share? We will see in the coming months.