Intel to Require touch on "Haswell" Ultrabooks

Companies have been hosting events under the comforting ceiling of the Las Vegas Convention Center since yesterday, and Intel has been among those today to take the stage at CES 2013.

The powerful chipset maker announced a slew of news today, including the introduction of their next-generation Intel Core processors (codenamed "Haswell"). The new series of silicon promises to be the most battery-conscious yet by leveraging low wattage requirements. Intel says that in turn, manufacturers will be able to create even thinner devices than ever. However, there are also a few terms which those same hardware makers will have to adhere to, including requirements for touch displays and Intel's WiDi (Wireless Display) technology as standard in all Haswell-based Ultrabooks.

The first Haswell-based desktops, laptops, and tablets should be available later this year.

SOURCE: Engadget