The Real Story on the Surface Pro's Storage Capacity


I've been noticing a bunch of ignorance floating around the internet in regards to the Surface Pro. I have seen countless articles detailing how the 128GB Surface Pro only has 83GB of actual storage.

While that is a lot of space eaten up by the OS and recovery partition, it shouldn't be a shock to anyone familiar with other Windows 8 ultrabooks. For example, the Lenovo Yoga 13 inch has just around the same amount of space left for the user as well, as well as most other 128GB SSD Windows 8 laptops.

What gets me is the blatant disregard of this information in almost every article, making Microsoft look bad, when in fact, mostly all 128GB SSD Windows 8 laptops have this same configuration. Headlines such as, “Microsoft Surface Pro's Available Storage Space Will Rip You Off,” or “Microsoft Surface Pro may grab up to 70% of on-board storage for itself” all show the lack of investigation in the tech world and the lack of basic math skills.

Another area that is mostly ignored in these articles are the fact that there is a MicroSD Card slot in the Surface Pro, giving consumers the ability to expand the storage.

I do suggest that people skip the 64GB version and pay 100 bucks extra for the 128GB version, just because the 64GB version is reported to come with 23GB of free space in the end. But you can always expand the memory with a MicroSD card.

Overall, I've found that the tech world does nothing in terms of investigation and research, they seem to just regurgitate poorly detailed articles, which I think hurts the sites as a whole. They are spreading this misconception that the Surface Pro is a rip-off, which is bad for Microsoft, when in fact, 83GB left on a 128GB SSD is common for Windows 8 devices.

I have long suspected anti Microsoft bias in the tech world, where most sites ignore the facts and bash Microsoft for the sake of a headline. Hopefully one day the tech news world can regain it's dignity, but that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.