Ubuntu Phone OS Announced


An Ubuntu-powered phone has been unveiled by Mark Shuttleworth in London, today.

Calling the product launch a “significant next step in our history”, Shuttleworth demoed the device and spoke of Canonical’s plans for taking the device to an already saturated mobile market.

And the interface of the OS is, possibly more than the brand-name behind it, going to drive adoption.

Delivering a personalised full screen-to-screen experience  - with a ‘welcome screen, not a lock screen’ – the Ubuntu Phone proffers more screen space for your apps than any other mobile OS’, Shuttleworth says.

“We also invited a way to use an app without having to use buttons at all via a voice-controlled ‘HUD’.


So when can you get one? Sadly not just yet. Although talks are taking place no major vendor has yet signed up to ship the device.

But there is hope.

Canonical are ‘confident’ a major manufacturer will ship Ubuntu for Android this year; that will be the first step. But the first pure Ubuntu  Phone devices will appear towards the end of the year.

The device will be shown off later this month at the CES event.