The Search for the Perfect Hybrid Continues


After using the Microsoft Surface RT tablet for around a month I have concluded that this device is not a good hybrid device. That was honestly not a surprise for me because I wasn't expecting Windows RT to be a viable OS for any real work.

I have scoured the internet for quite a while looking for other potential hybrid devices. The one that really stood out to me was the Lenovo Yoga IdeaPad Ultrabook.

One of the things that put me off about the Surface, in terms of the way it was built, was it's screen size. I need to do my work on a computer and using that small of a screen didn't feel right. 10.6 inches was to restricting. Even though I couldn't wait until the Surface Pro came out, I thought the screen size would end up letting me down.

So that's when I came across the Yoga. The price is around the same as what the Surface Pro is rumored to be, but there is so much more for the price.

First let's look at the Surface Pro with it's rumored price of $899. That is without the Touch or Type Cover, so add another $120. Now if the rumors are true at this price point, you will get 64GB of space. Take about 30GB of that away for the OS and preinstalled apps. In the end your looking at a device with 34GB for $1020 or so.

Looking at the Yoga 13 inch you see a 128GB SSD, obviously a keyboard, and a much larger screen. On top of that you have two USB ports (one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0).

There are a few things that the Surface has that the Yoga does not, like a Wacom Stylus and 1080p display. The main problem I see with the Surface is the screen size...10.6 inches.

Using the Surface RT showed me that is not a large enough screen to really work on. So now I am waiting for the Lenovo Yoga 13 Inch to come in on Saturday and see if it lives up to my hopes.

Will this be a great hybrid device? I will give a review after I use it for a while. Keep checking back as my search for the perfect hybrid device continues.