Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500t - the issue


Here is my biggest issue with the Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500t, the build quality. The build quality is really poor. Since I have received the device, chips of paint have fallen off quite easily, leaving small patches of white plastic revealed.

As I mentioned in my review, the paint on the Samsung logo on the back has easily begun to rub off. Within a day or so this started occurring. For something that costs $750, I find it disappointing.


Also the plastic back becomes slippery quite quickly. Making holding this large tablet even harder. It terms of it's weight, I never had much problem holding it in one hand, until the back gets slippery. I usually wipe it down to keep the back from becoming too slippery. But having to do that for something that costs 750 dollars is not ideal.

The actual performance, and UI of the tablet are quite nice, for the most part. I did have massive slowdown in some instances, which had be second guessing my purchase decision. Ultimately these issues drove me to the Surface line of tablets.

From the reviews I read, the hardware of the Surface was exceptionally good. Some even said it was up to par with Apple hardware.

So when they announced the Surface Pro at a $899 starting price I decided I would get that when it comes out and return the ATIV Smart PC 500t. The Surface Pro would fill all the holes that the ATIV left me with, hopefully. It is supposed to be a lot more powerful, and the design is the same as that of the Surface RT Tablet.

Being impatient, I wanted to see what the Surface hardware was all about, so I ordered the RT version to review and check out the hardware.

Now I am waiting for the Surface RT Tablet to arrive, and ultimately I am waiting for the Surface Pro to release in January. My quest for a true hybrid experience is still ongoing and the Samsung ATIV Smart PC didn't fulfill that role. Shoddy hardware and mediocre performance (in desktop mode) prevented it from being that mythical hybrid computer I am searching everywhere for.