Surface Pro Release January 26th?


I recently got in contact with the Microsoft Store to ask about the return policy on the Surface. The reason being is that I want to get the Surface Pro when it is released. I decided, pointless as it is, to ask them if they had any information about the Surface Pro release date. The lady I talked to put me on hold for a moment and then came back with an actual date.

She said:

“According to the information we have January 26th looks like the date it will be released.”

She went on to say that her information points out that the Surface Pro is to be released exactly three months after the Surface RT. I asked her if she could confirm this. She put me on hold again.

When she got back to me she said that her information says that January 26th should be the release date for the Surface Pro. This is luckily just a couple of days before the end of my return period, which is the 31st.

I thought it was perfect timing. If you look back at my review for the Surface RT, I felt that it was a great device, but for the things I needed, it wasn’t completely there. I need to be able to use Final Draft and software like it. I don’t think we’ll see that in the Windows Store anytime soon.

I did try to push her for more information, but she just told me the 26th should be the release. This sounds right to me and I can't wait to finally get my hands on one.