Got my Lumia 920!

I just picked up my Lumia 920(Red) from the AT&T store and asked them about how sales were going. The AT&T sales representative helping me said:

"I was surprised this many people came in here looking for this phone."

I went on to speak with her about it and she told me that one of their stores got in about 20 and were already down to 2 or 3. Which, according to her, was not the case when the Lumia 900 came out.

What does that mean? I think it means that Microsoft and Nokia are finally pushing through into the consumers minds. And it's about time.

I can't truly give the phone a review yet, but my first impression is that this is one impressive phone.

The screen, for one, is truly stunning. When I walked out of the store the sun glared down on the screen, and to my surprise it instantly brightened up and looked as bright as it did indoors. My previous phone, the Galaxy Nexus was always hard to see when the sun was shining.

In the next few weeks I'll give a true review of the phone. I believe that you need to use it on a day-to-day basis for a few weeks to truly be able to give a good review. And to those people who gave the phone a low score based on it's weight...shocking! When I picked the phone up it felt as heavy as my Android phone in it's case, or my old iPhone in an Otter-box. The weight does not in any way hamper the experience of the phone. To those who complained about it...go lift some weights.

After I receive my Samsung ATIV Smart PC tablet I will review the entire Windows 8 experience. So expect that around the end of the month, depending on if Samsung gets their tablets into the market in the next few weeks.

After reviewing Windows 8 I will begin my Android experience and iOS experience reviews. There's a lot more content coming your way. So keep checking back with us.

FINAL NOTE: Charging Plate in stock?

I did not receive the charging plate initially and the sales rep didn't even know about it. Luckily the manager did. She told me that they didn't have any in stock, but would have it shipped to my house. I just got a confirmation email about the charging plate from AT&T, it should be here within a week or two. So if you go in there and they don't have any ask for the manager.