Microsoft Office for iOS and Android coming?

The Verge has acquired screenshots of what appears to be Microsoft Office running on an iPad.


According to the Verge:  

recent Microsoft press release from the company's Czech Republic subsidiary revealed that Office Mobile apps for Android and iOS would be made available from March 2013. We understand that Office Mobile for iOS will arrive first in late February or early March, with an Android version due in May.

We reached out to Microsoft for comment on this story and a company spokesperson says "Office will work across Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

It will be available for free, but the features will only include document viewing. Office 365 subscribers will be able to access the document editing features of the application; however, rumors point to limited functionality when editing. It will probably not be anything like you would get if you had Office running on a Windows RT tablet. Microsoft doesn't want to give people less incentives to buy a Surface tablet.

Source: The Verge