Best Buy prices the Nokia Lumia 920 at $149.99


A local Best Buy in Naples, Florida is displaying the price for the Nokia Lumia 920, it's set at $149.99 with a new line or 2 year upgrade and $599.99 out of contract.

For those waiting on news of the release date, we are still in the dark. Hopefully they announce it very soon. But reports from various people working at AT&T stores point to it coming out on the 9th and it is also rumored that Wednesday they will announce the release date.

Some reports from the workers say that they will be getting the device on the 8th for the Nov. 9th launch. Others are saying they have the 9th as the date in their computer system. The 9th is looking like the day, hopefully it is. My anticipation is growing for this phone. I can't wait to get one and I'm sure most people reading this can't wait either.

So keep checking back, as soon as they announce the date you can find it here.