AT&T sales rep tries to disuade me from buying the Lumia 920

I recently approached an AT&T sales representative to talk about Windows Phone. Here is what was said:

Me: "I am looking to get the Lumia 920, any news on the release date or price?"
AT&T rep: "What phone do you have now?"
Me: "An unlocked Galaxy Nexus."
AT&T rep: "No, don't get a Windows Phone you'd hate it."
(at this point I decided not to tell him I have used pretty much every phone OS and really like Windows Phone, I was playing dumb)
Me: "Why?"
AT&T rep: "For one it's not free, the only reason anyone bought the Lumia 900 (points to the 900) is because it's free with an upgrade"
Me: "But what about the build quality or the camera? The camera is supposed to be the best one out there."
(he gave me a degrading smirk, like I was stupid for saying that. Now I decided to let him know I was knowledgable about this phone.)
AT&T rep: "How many megapixels?"
Me: "8.7 megapixels, it can take amazing pictures in lowlight conditions, optical image stabilization and a Carl Zeiss lens. From what I've seen in comparisons  it is the best to me"
AT&T rep: ".7 megapixels isn't a big deal. The iPhone 5's camera is probably the best"
(at this point I am getting mad, it seemed like his goal was to convince me not to get the 920)
Me: "Well if you don't have any information about the date or price, goodbye."

I walked away from the conversation thoroughly mad. Never in my life has someone so aggressively tried to convince me not to buy a product. Never in my life has someone talked down to me because I wanted to buy a product.

This whole situation did happen, and I am writing about it to show that the negative vibes around the Windows Phone devices continue to originate from these ignorant sales reps. The ones I've talked to don't care about the specs, the customer excitement, or any meaningful factors. I personally find it appalling because, writing for a tech site, I've done my research and they obviously have not.

Over the next few days I will be going to other AT&T stores to see if this is a reoccurring trend or if it was just this isolated incident. I feel that this is not isolated, but one problem Microsoft still needs to fix.