Nokia Exclusive Apps are a Bad Thing!


I have been using the HTC 8X for a few days and have realized one thing. It lacks the apps that make the Lumia 920 even more of an impressive phone. The apps I am talking about are the exclusive to Nokia phones, such as Draw Something, Words with Friends, and various other apps.

I understand Nokia's desire to differentiate itself from the other Windows Phones, but I think they are looking at things the wrong way. They need to let their exclusive apps be available for all Windows Phones. Here is why...

Right now, in order for Nokia to survive they need the Windows Phone market share to grow, and while making the exclusive apps available to others will hurt them slightly in the short run, they will gain much more if all the phones have these apps. It will help drive the market share up. If they can help throw out the preconception that Windows Phone doesn't have the apps people want, then Windows Phone would be able to thrive, I believe.

Once Windows Phone at least grows into double digit market share, then Nokia can have exclusive apps. They are already very different from other Windows Phones in terms of hardware. But right now they need to push Windows Phone first, that, in turn, will help push more sales of Lumia phones. But If the Windows Phone ecosystem fails, the Lumia phones fail (Unless they port Android over to it) .

This is what I have come to realize when using the HTC 8X. Those few apps that my Lumia 920 has that are missing on the HTC 8X makes me want to go back to using the Lumia. I know this is Nokia's intention, but it is hurting them more than helping in my opinion. Push Windows Phone, keep the Lumia phones hardware as the differentiating factor, maybe keep some of the extra features, but exclusive apps need to be shared.

If any of our readers have any of the Windows Phones and want to comment, feel free to below.