If your Samsung ATIV Smart PC keeps crashing, reset it!

If you have been following this site, you will see that I just recently received the Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500t tablet hybrid. You can find my review here. In it I mention crashing and stated that it hasn't been very bad.


Well, with the way the world works, after posting my review, I started to get a lot more crashes on the device. I was brought to the dreaded blue screen of death multiple times as my tablet was forced to reboot. Errors I was receiving were related to the kernel. Such as:


Thus began my journey on finding out exactly what to do to fix this. While I knew a complete wipe of the system would probably help, I was avoiding that option if I could because I had just installed a lot of my programs that I use on a daily basis. But after another blue screen of death I went for the reset.

The first thing I did was backup all my downloads, documents, etc. Then I opened the Charm Bar >> Settings >> Change PC Settings >> General. I navigated to the section titled "Remove everything and reinstall Windows", pressed Get Started. It will bring you through prompts, such as the option to Just remove my files or Fully clean the drive. Since I would be using the device and didn't need to securely wipe it, I hit just remove my files.

One of the great things about doing this is that it wipes out all the pre-installed junk software that you would never use. It took around 20 minutes or so to wipe out everything. I went back through the original setup as if I just took it out of the box.

Then when the PC started back up I opened SW update and was careful to only install drivers and necessary updates. I always avoid Norton and didn't install any of the support software. After that I updated Windows through Windows Update and found my problems fixed.

I have been using the device constantly for the past day and it is much faster, much more stable, and way more enjoyable.

So to anyone having issues with your device give it a wipe and hopefully it fixes things for you. Now every time I get a new device, the first thing I do will be wipe and reset.