Windows 8 sales lower than projections

Windows 8 sales have been much lower than the projections Microsoft had. According to sources close to Microsoft, they blame the low sales on PC maker's designs and availability.


I think that Microsoft is rightfully blaming the PC makers for this low initial adoption. If you have been following this site, you will know that we have posted some articles on Windows 8 tablet supply chain issues and the complete inability to by many of the launch devices.

They have since become available, for the most part. You can check back with our previous stories about the botched launch and delays that PC makers caused.

Several people I have talked to had devices pre-ordered, but lost excitement and canceled their orders. What the delay gave me was more time to second guess the purchase and many people did just that.

In terms of regular Windows 8 laptops, while many were available, the most impressive models are launching in early December and early in 2013.

After this initial slow period, I believe Windows 8 will catch on. It was already a tough sale for consumers to upgrade their PC's or buy new ones. With delays and future laptops with better features announced as coming soon, it will be a few months before we see Windows 8 sales speed up to get closer to Windows 7 sales.

Coming soon is our review of the new Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500t. Then after that the full Lumia 920 review. Check back over the next few days as our reviews are posted.