Are lighter phones better? (OPINION)

Image is from a review of the Lumia 920, ridiculous isn't it?

Image is from a review of the Lumia 920, ridiculous isn't it?

With the release of the Lumia 920, there has been a lot of reviews saying that it is too heavy. This made me step back and think about the weight of phones and it made me think if a lower weight makes using the phone a better experience.

Many reviews claimed that the iPhone 5 is better with only 112 grams, whereas the Lumia 920 is 185 grams and way too heavy.

In my personal opinion a lighter phone doesn't make it better. It is innovative to make a phone that is faster, stronger, and lighter, but holding the iPhone 5 doesn't initially make me like it more because it is light. I actually much prefer the way the iPhone 4S feels(with a weight of 137 grams) than the iPhone 5 (at 112 grams). Something about a little bit of weight makes the phone feel better in the hand.

I am aware the iPhone 5 is better built with it's aluminum back that can't shatter like the 4 and 4S, but despite the stronger construction, it still doesn't feel like the lighter weight adds anything to how the phone feels in my hand.  Saying it's better because it is lighter is just trivial. 

To be completely honest, little changes in weight shouldn't matter much. While a phone can be too heavy or too light I feel that both the Lumia 920 and the iPhone 5 fall within a range where the phones are just at the verge of either being too light or too heavy. I personally tend toward the heftier phone because I like a little weight in my hand when using a phone. I feel like it is sturdier. That is totally my opinion, but I am curious to see what anyone else thinks.

Do you prefer a phone with some heft, or do you think the lighter the phone the better? Sound off in the comments below.