MegaUpload is


For those of us who remember back to January of this year, you may remember the founder of MegaUpload was arrested in New Zealand. And for those of you who have forgotten, check out what happened during the police raid with this link. Here's a taste of how things went down when he was arrested:

As police officers forced their way into the home, Schmitz barricaded himself in the mansion’s safe room. After police sliced through the safe room door, they found him next to a sawed-off shotgun.

He now has announced his plans to launch, another cloud storage site that has a few new features. One of those features caters to copyright owners. The site will give them access to get "direct delete access" to pirated content. This should make content providers happy and keep him from getting arrested again.

The website should launch in January according to DotCom, which will be around a year after he was arrested as part of an investigation of the website. Hopefully things will work out better for him this time around.

A video of the raid for those interested: