Windows OEMs botched the tablet launch

There is something that hasn't been reported much in the tech world. That is the fact that OEM's botched the initial release for a large portion of Windows 8 powered tablets (not Windows RT tablets, the full Windows 8 tablets). A few in particular are the Samsung ATIV Smart PC line, and the Acer Iconia W510 and W700 devices.

Searching around the web shows no news about this phenomenon. I feel like I am screaming, "Take my money," to Samsung and Acer and they respond, "If you can find me." I've called several different online stores and physical stores and full Windows 8 tablets are nowhere to be found.

My experience first started with the Acer W700 which was supposed to be released on the Windows 8 launch date. However on Newegg the date of availability is November 6. According to TechCruch on October 4th their article stated.

The tablets will ship on October 26, the same day Windows 8 is scheduled for its public release

Also Samsung ATIV Smart PC on various sites are coming into stock in the latter half of November and was also supposedly being release on the 26th. 

On top of this there are no official reviews of these devices, except on internet forums by people who bought limited supplies at Staples, which seems to be the only place that actually had full Windows 8 tablets at launch. 

On Amazon, those who preordered their devices and were excited to get it when released on the 26th found that when the 26th hit, the item page on Amazon instantly went to an out of stock indicator. Therefore, the preorders have not been sent out.

Having a launch for various Windows 8 tablets and missing the dates spells trouble for OEMs. At least when it comes to tablets. Windows 8 laptops are everywhere, but for those of us excited to recieve a new Windows 8 tablet, we are left in the dark and even the companies don't know what is going on.

A quick call to Samsung this morning proved useless. The customer service representative said the device was released and told me where to buy it, on When I called CDW they told me they won't have stock until the end of November. This same story is repeating and Samsung and Acer are quiet. No tech blog has reported on this to my knowledge and I find it a disappointment. 

Is this how these companies treat early adopters, with silence and disorder? Yes it is. I am slowly loosing my excitement due to the frustration of being left in the dark trying to find one of these devices for sale.