Weak Box Office in USA this weekend


Argo $12,355,0002.

Hotel Transylvania $9,500,0003

Cloud Atlas $9,400,000

Argo managed to stay fairly strong, despite the fact is has been out for three weeks. Hotel Transylvania also stayed on top of most with 2nd place over the weekend. The disappointing thing is that both of these movies have been out for weeks. Cloud Atlas fell flat on it's face.

I wasn't expecting Cloud Atlas to break out and be a huge hit, but I did expect more. With the Wachowski brothers and Tom Tykwer directing, and Tom Hanks starring with Halie Berry, this is a huge disappointment.

Looking internationally we see a huge success in Skyfall, which opens in the US next weekend, Nov. 9. Skyfall will likely boost the domestic box office past a weak October. Overseas Skyfall debuted with $80.4 million. Looking forward to next weekend, I believe Skyfall will likely reach around a $70 - 80 million mark domestically as well.