Microsoft exciting? Apple worried? Can it be?

I remember back when I got my first laptop, I was still in high school and it ran Windows XP. This bad boy was slow. And when I say slow I mean very slow. The hardware was decent, but it was something I learned to live with. The slow loading of apps, the screen freezing for a few seconds here and there. 

Back then I wasn't excited about Microsoft. I wanted to be though. For example, I got the original Zune and I was happy with it, until my friend got an iPod Touch. Luckily my friend wasn't too smart and I traded my Zune for his iPod Touch. After that experience I was never excited about Microsoft.

Today that has completely changed. I feel that this is a major breakthrough for Microsoft. Now my new iPad is in the same situation as that Zune device was. I want to get rid of it, sell it for money. I want to use that money for a Windows 8 tablet. Not a Windows RT tablet. I feel Windows RT is not where Microsoft's strength will be. It will be in the true Windows 8 tablets.


Now, some of you may be thinking: what about not being a fanboy? Why are you being so positive about Microsoft? Here is why, they are innovating the industry. They are trying to change the game. Here is the Windows 8 tablet I am looking at getting is the Samsung ATIV Smart PC. This device is a hybrid, take a look, see what you think. I think it would replace my laptop and tablet. One less thing to carry in my bag.

I feel that Apple senses this shift in excitement. Here is Tim Cook's comments on Windows 8: 

“I haven’t had a chance to try a Surface, but from what we’re reading, it’s a fairly compromised and confusing product. [...] One of the toughest things you do when you make a product is to make hard tradeoffs. To decide what a product should be. I suppose you could design a car that flies and floats, but I don’t think it would do all of those things very well.

The thing I think Tim Cook is trying to downplay is this hybrid concept. Apple does as well as it does because they release a variety of well-designed products: a Tablet, now a smaller Tablet, a Phone, a Notebook, a Netbook(the Air), a Desktop, a TV box and others. If the public begins strongly embrace this hybrid concept Apple is going to have to respond eventually. And by it's nature a hybrid would mean combining some of their products into one.

I believe this would hurt Apple if this idea takes hold. They need to sell multiple products that get refreshed every year. If they had to consolidate those products due to a change in consumer demand, they would sacrifice some sales.

I think Tim Cook see a potential problem if this hybrid PC idea becomes a standard, and I hope it does. As Apple does, they will hold back for a while and then come out with a great product, but it would be interesting to see how Microsoft does on the cutting edge for a change. Instead of following, for once they are leading.