Box Office Report

The Weekend Actuals are from

Paranormal Activity 4$29,003,866


Taken 2$13,260,870

Hotel Transylvania$13,001,434

Alex Cross$11,396,768

The weekend earnings were less than expected. Paranormal Activity 4 took in $30 million, which was great for the fact that the budget was around $5 million, but when you look back at Paranormal Activity 3 last year, it debuted with $52,568,183, you see that the Paranormal Activity 4 had quite a drop in attendance and that reflected in it's opening weekend earnings.

Argo stayed strong with $16 million, which was only a 15.5% drop from last weekend's $19 million earnings.  

Hotel Transylvania dropped almost 25% from last weekend, but is still holding on, despite the fact it has been out for around one month.

Lastly, we have Alex Cross, which had a very poor opening weekend. A movie with a budget of $35 million opening that weak shows a bad trend. With Tyler Perry starring and Rob Cohen directing one would expect more.

Overall, the weekend was a little low, but with Skyfall, Breaking Dawn Part 2, and The Hobbit Part 1 on the horizon this holiday season should break some records for sure. Keep checking up with us for the weekly Box Office reports.