A Nexus World

Google has something up their sleeves for October 29th. As of now all of these things are rumors, but if these things are what will be announced at the October 29th event, Google will have new products to add to it's Nexus World.


Mockup, not actual tablet

The codenamed Manta tablet has been rumored to support a ridiculous 2560 x 1600 10-inch display. This would mean Apple's resolutionary iPad had a new, bigger, kid on the block. This new kid would have a pixel density of around 300ppi. More than the iPad 3 ( I still refuse to call it "The New iPad"). I would actually be very excited for this, because for once Google would seem to be ahead of Apple, unless Apple announces something even better on October 23rd. I don't know though, I have a feeling in my gut that Google will release the first Android tablet even iPad owners would drool over. But this is a back and forth that will last for as long as the companies last. I just hope that someone else can take the spotlight for a minute. I'm not an Apple hater. I actually enjoy my Macbook and iPad 3; however, with so many other great products coming out I think some other product should take over the news cycle like Apple products do. This rumored Manta tablet, if the specs are accurate, would be such a device to rival even the great Apple iPad.


On top of it being north of a 2K display, also rumored is the unveiling of Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie. MMMM. Some of the rumored features of Key Lime Pie include:

-The ability to have multiple accounts on a device.

-A second pull-down screen for quick settings.

While these two were the most interesting features rumored, we expect more to come on October 29th.


This Nexus phone by LG has been confirmed for the most part to be true. An Indian LG Executive must have jumped the gun during an interview. Here's what he revealed:

"Google will unveil the LG Nexus on October 29 and the phone will be available in the Indian markets by the end of November."

On top of that dozens of photos have leaked of a prototype.

While my opinion of several LG phones have been less than favorable, I feel that Google must have had a hand in making this phone much better than other LG's. The one's I've used have had poor battery life and sluggish performance. So hopefully LG can change my mind about them as a smartphone manufacturer. 

If all of these products are released by the end of the year we could have our hands on the entire Nexus line:

  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 7
  • Nexus 10
  • Nexus Q