Windows it great?

With the release of Windows 8 less than two weeks away, many wonder how it will be received. Will the world despise the clashing of the old and new UI? Will they demand that Microsoft put back that little orb in the bottom corner of the screen? No one will know for sure until October 26th.

You could probably bet there will be a lot of anticipation in Redmond. It almost feels like the countdown to the election. There they are sitting at the campaign headquarters right before election day. Wondering if the ads got through, if the public got it. Would they get behind their candidate, Windows 8. While this analogy is missing the other candidate, I think Redmond feels that same tension.

I am among the more optimistic in the crowd. Many bloggers and tech pundits say Windows 8 will flop. "People will hate it." "Where's my damn start button!" They say as they drink their prune juice. But as those pundit's alarmist voices fade away after the release, I think we will see Windows 8 find it's place with the public.

I've been using the various prerelease builds of Windows 8 for the past six months. What I've found may shock some of the Windows haters. I am not a Windows hater, nor am I a fanboy of Microsoft. However, I will say after a few days, Windows 8 feels right. It's fast, snappy, and surprisingly easy to use. The new start screen lets you organize your apps for quick access, which is a huge improvement over the old start menu. I always hated going into those start menu folders to find those apps I don't use often. 

Now all you do is press in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, the start screen pops up very quickly and all your apps are there to open. Just type the name to quickly find what you need if you can't find it.

Other than that one difference, the integration with the "Metro" interface, Windows should feel familiar to you. You'll get used to it in a few days and get over all this drama over how horrible the clash of UI design is. It actually blends together over time until you don't even think about it. You just use it like you always had before.

So hopefully, if anyone reads this, they will give Windows 8 a chance. It's better than Windows 7, and it looks prettier. So stop complaining about the changes, suck it up, and learn a new way to do things. It's not like it will strain your brain to figure it out.