The Tech Outcast team are young, enthusiastic developers who aren't afraid to try new things or push boundaries.


Material Design is the new design language for Android and the team at Tech Outcast has a solid grasp on this new style of design.


The team at Tech Outcast is beginning their first iPhone application. As with all products we develop, design will be our core focus.

Application Concept

The app will allow two people to share a secret key that can decipher their messages. You can have a variety of keys for different friends, or you can change keys as much as you like. Prevent others from looking through your texts -- be it your parent, your significant other, or anyone else.

Application Concept


Most people spend several minutes trying to find places to eat. Our app is designed to encourage users to try new things. They enter the price range they are willing to spend and the app randomly selects a nearby restaurant for them to eat at. There will be a timeout set for a few minutes, where the users cannot search for another location. In release one, we will only have those features. Release two is going to be focused on giving users rewards for actually visiting the place the app recommends.